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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

Junior Professor of Food Sociology – Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tina Bartelmeß

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Foto Sarah Jasiok (M.A.)

Faculty 7 - Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition, and Health
Food Sociology

Professional record
since 11/2022
Research assistant Project SISEE „Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Education“, Junior Professorship of Social Entrepreneurship, University Bayreuth
since 04/2022Research assistant at the Junior Professorship of Food Sociology and Project team member U4Impact, University of Bayreuth
06/2021 – 10/2022Research assistant at Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences, SO.CON Social.Concepts – Institute for Research and Development in Social Work, Mönchengladbach
since 05/2015Freelance lecturer & research assistant at various universities, institutes and academies
06/2016 – 05/2021Social counselling, project and funding management at SKM Rheydt e.V., Mönchengladbach
01/2016 – 05/2016Sales Manager at Lidl Vertriebs GmbH, Grevenbroich
05/2015 – 12/2016Project staff at SKM Rheydt e.V., Mönchengladbach
03/2014 – 01/2015Research assistant at the Wuppertal Institute for Environment, Climate and Energy GmbH in Wuppertal
10/2013 – 12/2015Master of Arts (M.A.) Sociology, University of Wuppertal
01/2013 – 09/2013Business Consultant at Ricoh Germany GmbH, Düsseldorf
10/2012 – 09/2013Part-time continuing education course, "systemic counselling", Ruhr University Bochum
10/2012 – 09/2013Account Manager at Brunel GmbH, Essen
10/2007 – 03/2012

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Industrial education, knowledge psychology and sociology, RWTH Aachen University

Internship abroad in Malta 09/2011 – 11/2011


Faculty 7 - Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition, and Health
Food Sociology

In her PhD project, Sarah investigates the phenomenon of food poverty in the Elderly in Germany from a sociological perspective. The age group of senior citizens is becoming relevant for poverty and food research as a result of demographic change. The share of seniors affected by poverty in old age is rising continuously in Germany. Senior citizens often have a poor nutritional status and low physical activity and mobility level, which can lead not only to health impairments but also to a lack of social participation. In poverty situations, the chances are high that seniors are at risk of material food poverty, but also of social food poverty. In Sarah's dissertation, the phenomenon of food poverty is examined in both, material and social dimensions.


Faculty 7 - Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition, and Health
Food Sociology



Jasiok, Sarah; Betz, Constanze; Wiegel, Silvia; Bartelmeß, Tina
Essen im Lauf des Lebens
in ernährung heute (2023) issue 3. - page 4-7


Bartelmeß, Tina; Jasiok, Sarah; Kühnel, Elias; Yildiz, Juliane
A scoping review of the social dimensions in food insecurity and poverty assessments
in Frontiers in Public Health volume 10 (2022)
doi:10.3389/fpubh.2022.994368 ...


Baedeker, Carolin; Hasselkuß, Marco; Heckersbruch, Carolin; Jasiok, Sarah; Liedtke, Christa
Nachhaltige Gesellschaftstransformation durch regionale Netzwerke gestalten : das Beispiel von ...
Governance für eine Gesellschaftstransformation : Herausforderungen des Wandels in Richtung nachhaltige Entwicklung
Wiesbaden : Springer VS, 2017. - page 209-234
doi:10.1007/978-3-658-16560-4_9 ...


Welfens, Maria-Jolanta; Liedtke, Christa; Nordmann, Julia; Lukas, Melanie; Franck, Mario; Leithaus, Laura; Jasiok, Sarah
Informationen zum Thema "Ernährung" : Wissenschaftliche Betrachtung der Themen: vegane Ernährun ...
Wuppertal : Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH, 2015. - 26 page
https://nanopdf.com/download/informationen-zum-the ...


Faculty 7 - Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition, and Health
Food Sociology

Sarah Jasiok (M.A.)
Research assistant and PhD candidate Project team member U4Impact & SISEE

Campus Kulmbach, Office 1.12

Fritz-Hornschuch-Str. 13

95326 Kulmbach


E-mail: sarah.jasiok@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tina Bartelmeß

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